In addition to chiropractic adjustments, other theraputics, technologies and nutrition can help relieve pain, speed healing and help to rehabilitate patients. (For more info on various Chiropractic Adjustments available, click the My First Visit link above.) The services offered at Harris Chiropractic PLC are detailed below in no particular order.

Cold laser therapy is applied to jump-start the healing of injuries.

Electric Muscle-stimulation is very helpful for those with muscle spasm pain and for those in the moderate and severe pain stage for almost any problem area.

Laser-Boots Neuropathy Therapy is only for people diagnosed with Neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition where the nerve is not getting enough oxygen or blood flow. The nerve then becomes "degenerative" and causes pain, both sharp and dull as it begins to die. This results in numbness and the inability of that person to feel their feet and so  it makes walking difficult and painfull for them. The Laser energy from the Laser-Boots wakes up the nerves in the lower legs and stimulate blood flow and healing. It can be a real life changer for some to have the feeling back in their feet, with less or no pain. 

Intersegmental (spinal) Traction  and Therapeutic Mechanical Massage are very soothing and helpful in relaxing spinal spasms and mobilizing the spinal joints.

Exercise Rehabilitation is a plan of exercises to assist core (abdominal) strengthening and balance. It is used for anyone with balance issues and anyone recovering from an automobile accident in our office.

Nutritional counseling for basic dietary and Herbal nutrition to speed recovery, relieve inflamation and boost the human condition.

Also available: Kinesio taping, Cryo-therapy (ice), diathermy.

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