Discount Plan

Discount Plan Information

Harris Chiroprctic PLC is now a member of Chiro Health USA (CHUSA) Discount Plan.

How it works: patients can purchase a Discount Card membership from CHUSA that allows them (and their family-for one year) at least 10% off our regular services and more for some other services. This plan is for patients who are paying cash for their treatment or that particular service is not covered by their health insurance (Federal Insurance plans that do not cover chiropractic- for example).

Although Dr. Harris has tried to keep his fees at a level that cash paying people can afford, this is a way for patients who need regular care to save even more money.

To see the broshure, hi-lite the CONDITIONS tab on the top of the page. Click the Documents section that appears to download the short broshure and ask at the front desk for details if you are interested.

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