My First Visit

Upon entering the office, we have some paperwork for you to complete. The questionnaire will provide us with general information about yourself along with your condition. If you would like to save some time and prepare your paperwork ahead of time, in the top menu above, high-light My First Visit to see the documents section. Go to the document section to choose your set of forms. If you have been in a very recent automobile accident, use the (Accident Forms1) in the Document section of this site and call the office so we can schedule a time for you.

History and Examination

In order to determine what your actual problem is, the doctor will ask you various questions related to your condition. Next, some orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed to determine what type of problem you are suffering from. For example, do you have a sprain or pinched nerve or disc pain,  rib misalignment, facet pain, various kinds of headaches or muscle spasm or fracture? Occasionally, more than one of these problems can combine to cause back or neck pain misery. We do not treat fractures but refer them to a medical doctor for treatment.

If you need medication for severe pain (standard after an Automobile Accident) we will refer you to a Medical doctor for pain meds and continue your treatment here. Chiropractors do not prescribe medicine but do use herbal and natural methods to relieve pain. Normally the pain resolves as the condition gets better, most people do not need medication; unless they have been in a whiplash type car accident, but that is up to the patient.

X Rays

We do not send everyone for X-rays. Your specific condition might require us to refer you for an x-ray to rule out more serious conditions and also assist us in delivering the most effective treatment for you.  Film sets are generally covered by insurance or available on a cash basis for about $40-$50.00 for one area of the spine. Almost no one "wants" an x-ray but it is the only way we can see inside you so we can be more effective in getting you better.

Same Day Treatment

When finished with the examination, patients will generally receive their first treatment on the same visit. This might include a spinal adjustment, or an extremity adjustment. Therapy for pain relief might also be used. All treatments and costs will be discussed with you first.

The Best Spinal Adjustment for You

 Activator Method- Some people are delicate or have thin bones or just don’t desire strong adjustments. For those, the Activator Method is best. Activator is a wonderful hand held instrument that helps to painlessly relieve spinal misalignments. This method works on everyone but some people need and want more vigorous adjustments. 

 Drop Table- Some people have misalignments of the larger bones of the spine and pelvis. After determining the best direction to adjust these bones we can use the Drop Table for a more forceful adjustment if need be.

Other Kinds- Some people benefit from other kinds of spinal manipulation; the doctor is skilled in various techniques including: Activator, Gonstead, Pettibon, Logan Basic, Drop table, and Diversified adjusting techniques.

Extremity Problems

It is important to mention EXTREMITY adjusting. Extremities are those joints in our arms and legs. These include the ankle, the foot (top and bottom and heel) the knee and hip, elbow, wrist and shoulder. The doctor is very skilled in dealing with these problems.

Home Instructions and Exercises

Prior to leaving, patients will usually be given home instructions. This could include ice or heat application instructions and avoidance of certain activities or positions. Home exercises and/or stretches are given as you progress in your recovery. Some people prefer to do their exercises in the office in our rehab-therapy room.

Work or School Excuse Note

Legitimate notes for work or school are no problem.

Schedule your next appointment

We will schedule an appointment time for your follow-up visit. Usually in two days. At that time patients are given an overview of their findings. Treatment options for you condition will also be discussed.


Call us at (623)-815-2491

Discount and Payment plans are available if needed.


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