Whiplash,   Car/Truck Accidents,   Motorcycle Accidents,   Pedestrian Accidents

FYI: If you are suffering from the effects of a recent automobile accident it is very important for medical and other reasons to not delay your being seen by a provider. This is very important because it can jeopardize your recovery. The doctor and staff  of Harris Chiropractic PLC have taken many hours of training to be helpful and effective for you after an automobile accident.

The period of time after an accident is difficult in many ways. Your car is possibly damaged and now pain has entered your already disrupted life.

In addition to all this; insurance, financial and legal questions all complicate your already busy life.

 It is a stressful time but Harris Chiropractic can help you through the painful injuries. We also work with several Personal Injury attorneys knowledgeable in settling auto accidents. Most cases settle so you don’t need to worry about going to court.  If you would like to talk to one or more of them that can be arranged, just let us know.

Because most crash victims need medication for pain we have good relations with medical doctors who will evaluate your need for medication, or you can see your family doctor.

No Out of Pocket Cost for Care: Depending on the insurance coverage available to cover your treatment, we will inform you if we are able to wait for payment until the case is settled. In many cases we are able to wait for payment. This allows you to get care with out having to pay out of pocket for covered services in our office.

Feel free to call us with any questions you have or use the “make an appointment” link to contact us for an appointment. Please mention that you were injured in a crash.

More Information:The injuries from all these different types of accidents listed above are usually caused by someone else at fault.
Because you are injured, rather than just property, this type of injury is sometimes referred to as Personal Injury. If you have been injured in an accident it is best to be treated by a chiropractor who has taken alot of extra training and has experience in this area.

Do not wait to see if your pain will go away. By the time you realize that your pain will not go away, you have missed your best opportunity for your best recovery. Your body is already forming scar tissue in the injured areas the first week after the accident. These scars can hold your spine in misalignment if the healing is not properly guided.

The individualized treatment of personal injury patients has to be somewhat different from the typical chiropractic patient. The first major difference is that some of the people in a crash never went to the Emergency Room (for one reason or another) and probably should have.

However, even if they did go to an Emergency Room, many will still have Contusions—both visible and invisible, Concussions or MTBI (mild traumatic brain injuries).

If your car or motorcycle was hit from the side or on an angle or if your head was turned at the time of impact; it is possible to have a small cervical fracture and not even know it. The x-rays taken in the emergency room will not show it initially.

If you were injured in an auto type accident it is very important to see a doctor for those injuries as soon as possible. Never wait to see a doctor after an injury like this. This is very important for medical and other reasons. It can jeopardize your recovery.

Dr. Steven Harris has made a special effort to be very educated concerning the treatment of auto-accident victims.

We accept patients from Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, El MIrage, Youngtown, and Sun City, AZ.


Problems in joints should not be ignored. Degenerative arthritis forms and progresses in a joint that is misaligned and therefore not working properly. The wear and tear on the joint causes arthritis. In 5-60 years will you need that wrist to walk with a cane? If your wrist, or elbow or shoulder is not healthy and painful at that time, then you will have to use a walker or "graduate" to a wheel chair. All because of a bad wrist that could have been fixed years before. Adjusting an old injury will slow or stop the progression of arthritis in many cases so the joint does not necessarily have to degenerate further once the proper therapy has been applied.

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